NEW ENGLAND Antique Lumber

New England Antique Lumber Wolesale is a division of Broomfield Building, LLC that dis-assembles old barns and sells the lumber exclusively to distributers and lumberyards by the pallet. Selling in bulk allows us to distribute the material straight from the farm to the customer at the lowest cost possible. 

These pieces of lumber are antiques,timeless works of art. They cant be reproduced or replicated. Only decades of wear and use can produce these pieces of history.There is a story behind every  barn, and our goal is to pass the stories on to the new owners. Every bundle we sell, there is a written  history and picture  of the barn for you to pass on.

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3000 BF Grade A Antique Lumber

$ 5000 USD

This material has minimal knots, waine, and is generally square on all sides.


3000 BF Grade B Antique Lumber

$ 4500 USD

This material has some knots and waine most likely will need to be ripped to width.


3000 BF Grade C Antique Lumber

$ 4000 USD

This material has some knots and waine. There are more short and/or narrower pieces than the "B" Grade material


Hand Hewn Beams

No Image Available

$ 18 USD

Hand hewn beams ususally measure between 8"-10" square and range in length from 10' to 50'. Please call for availability. we have chestnut, and hemlock. other species available.


Rough Sawn Timber

No Image Available

$ 9 USD

Rough sawn timber usually measures 8"-10" square and come in length from 10' to 30' We have chestnut and hemlock in stock and other species available upon request.



Northeast Territory: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massechusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Contact Rich Lacey @ (518) 878-8836


Southeast Territory: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia


Contact Ira Lacey @ (770) 375-6581

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